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Mar 2 to 3 2020

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Course Overview

This workshop introduces SPC as a key tool which can be used to achieve quality improvements by providing a structured approach to monitoring and improving process control. Participants will learn how to construct and interpret control charts, and develop their understanding of why the control chart is the best tool to keep a process under control. The course also covers the link from SPC to process capability and, again, covers the ‘how to do it’ and ‘how does it work’ aspects of the subject.



  • Understand how to use SPC control charts for continuous and attribute data

  • Show how to conduct and interpret the results of capability studies

  • Understand the links between process control techniques and additional quality tools

  • Discuss the cultural challenges in performing process control studies and how to overcome them


Course Programme

Day 1: Introduction to SPC & Continuous Data Studies

Introduction to SPC

  • Key objectives of SPC

  • Prevention vs detection

  • The importance of process centering

  • Using data for continuous process improvement

  • The limitations of specification-based systems

  • Sources, causes and types of variation


Pre-requisites to SPC

  • Planning data collection and checking the measurement system

  • Frequency distributions and the normal distribution

  • Introduction to Minitab


Alternative Control Techniques

  • Overview of mistake proofing

  • Pre-control charts

  • Reduced and sample inspection


Control Charts and their Applications

  • The concepts of control limits

  • Overview of the types of statistical signals

  • Control charts for variables (I-MR, X-Bar R, X -Bar s)

  • I-MR charts and how to use them

  • Examples and case studies

  • X-Bar R, X -Bar s charts and how to use them

  • Examples and case studies


Day 2: Attribute Charts & Process Capability

SPC techniques for special situations

  • Short Run SPC

  • Links to MeasurLink

  • Links to additional quality tools (FMEA, Control Plans, MSA, 8D)

  • SPC Techniques for Special Situations

  • Handling more than one characteristic

  • Examples and case studies


Control Charts for Attributes (P, NP, C, U)

  • P and NP charts

  • Setting up the charts

  • Interpreting results

  • Examples and case studies

  • C and U charts

  • Setting up the charts

  • Interpreting results

  • Examples and Case Studies


Evaluating Process Capability

  • Capability analysis of variables data (Cp,Cpk,Pp,Ppk)

  • Dealing with non-normal data

  • Single sided tolerances

  • Capability analysis for Attribute data (PPM, DPMO)

  • Implementing SPC and process capability in the workplace

  • Case study examples


2-day workshop

490 GBP (+VAT)